Turbine Hall Syndrome ?

A recation to see richard tuttle's work in the tate modern.

The turbin hall is a big space. its probaly the bigges gallery space ever. i think that when working in a space this big sometimes artist do the same thing as they allways do, they just scale it up to fit the space insted of makeing work to inacordence to the space. i want to see how real turbin hall syndrome is.


Tuttle's other works arnt anything close to this size. but they are usalyu made up from a solid structure and then some sort of organtic form supported by the structure. this is exsacly whats going on hear but dose the size help develop his work into something new or is it just a space filler? i say its a space filler. matiral like fabric and string are very intresting matirals in that they work in exsacly the same way no matter how much of it you have when being hung. there's even a mathmatical formular witch expreses this, but i can rember it and it not important to knoe for the point im makeig hear. If Tuttle had done this work on a smaler scale the fabric and frame would have intreacted in exsacly the same way. there for i say that this is a suffrer of turbin hall syndrome. the work isnt affected by its size. its just far more impressive because its so huge and heavy. 

The Unilever Series: Ai Weiwei 
Sunflower Seeds 2010

I DONT KNOW, i feel like this is a pice of turbin hall sydrome. the pice would give the same message in a smaler space but there is something about the uncountable number of seedes in the room wich is personal to the hall. just i feel this pice could deffantly fit into other spaces easly. 

Doris Salcedo
Shibboleth II 2007

NO, this is one of my favioiut pices. how the hell did she manage to split the turbinhall floor. i havent acherly seen it in real life and i refuse to belive she acherly did it untill someone shows me how it was done. and this is why i think this is a perfect example of how the turbin hall can be used. because the simple fact that this pice wouldnt be the same anywhere ealse. in a smaler space it wouldnt have been as an imposible feet to crak the floor. 

Rachel Whiteread

YES, the space was constructed to fill the space. her work dosent need a space like the turnbin hall to exsist. though this pice dose its still an enlargened example of her ideas. i do acherly really like this pice. i think its really fun, when i was small i used to love carboard boxes because you could pretended they were anything. this is ltiral a world made form cardbord boxes. this would have blown little me mind. 

Anish Kapoor
Marsyas 2002

YES, the pice is so big simply so it can fit the space. the space isnt needed to comunicarte the same ideas apart from the ones to do with scale. 

Tacita Dean
FILM 2011

MABY, the work seems to be about takeing a pice of film and blowing the image on it up so it becomes life size. so NO, this isnt a case to turbin hall syndrome.  


Olafur Eliasson
The Weather Project 2003

NO, The work represents the sun, it can probaly be argued that the work had to be scaled down to fit into the space. the work seems strangly artifcal as its so contained. this is where the turbinhall effects the work. the atmouphes of the pice wouldent be created anywhere but a space like the turbin hall there for this pice cant exsist with out the turbin hall. 


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